Pretty straight forward scenario. Mr.Quiet helps Ms.Outgoing with studies and she lets him ask for anything in return. Nothing brilliant plot-wise but TakayaKi’s colour art was an instant visual orgasm!
The B/W scans weren’t all that great, though. So the images might look a bit over-sharpened due to liberal leveling.

That one line about Oosaki being anxious that they’re classmates raises a question. Which school student pairing do you guys like?

  • Senior (M) x Junior (F)
  • Senior (F) x Junior (M)
  • Classmates

I have a thing for older women, so the answer is pretty obvious, lol.

Upload Mirrors

PS: There was a threat to my balls a few days back regarding the long forgotten Shunjyo tank. I have tossed a script to Afro, so go picket his place for updates. I’ll get to the last chapter eventually.

Takayaki’s C80 book was a compilation of his previous iM@S doujins and only a 8-page Takane story was new.
I have translated the two stories that weren’t done earlier and compiled it with the earlier releases (after some level-jobs).

Apart from x2000 page res and alternate scan quality, there is no difference between the C80 book and the older books. The censor lines are exactly the same. Comparable scan quality and no improvement in censor = no point re-editing in my opinion.

Credits as follows:
001-009 RedComet (C76) [Jenoa Cake] Summer Time Sexy Girl Colour Part
011-020 The Individual Eleven (C75) [Jenoa Cake] Kotori Sansen!
021-040 Doujin Moe (C79) [Jenoa Cake] Office Idol Kotori-san
041-054 Team Vanilla (C73) [Jenoa Cake] Azusa-san no Yuuutsu
055-082 SaHa (C74) [Jenoa Cake] Azusa-san’s Present For You!
083-092 RedComet (C76) [Jenoa Cake] Summer Time Sexy Girl Monochrome Part
093-110 YQII (C77) [Jenoa Cake] Zettai Wakan Lost in school
111-118 The Individual Eleven (C80) [Jenoa Cake] New Content! Takane’s Yukata Manga

Full Book links:

TIE chapters only link:

Leave it to TakayaKi to “Fest it up” with Christmas even in heat of March.

Note: I didn’t quite get the Safari Park line, and I just TLed it as it is. If anyone knows what it means, please leave a comment.


Edit: PS: Oooh! 11th project!

A joint project with Afro Scans. I saw something about wanting to re-edit and finish the latest Shunjyo tank in his blog’s shoutbox (a fun hangout) and contacted him. And here are the results. Chapter 4 of the Nee, Mou Sukoshi Dake tank. We’ll be finishing the two remaining chapters so look forward to those too.

For those unfamiliar with the name, Afro is a well known editor-whore for translators high and low (this is a compliment). Though if you haven’t heard of him yet, you’re clearly doing your p0rnz wrong.

“In this chapter, we have bespectacled student, Mai, who’s doing library duty at her school, and her lover and teacher, Nakahashi. After a long day working, Nakahashi comes to the library as he’ll be acting as the librarian-in-charge for a few days. Mai quickly notices how exhausted he is and offers to help “loosen” him up. And the first thing that comes to her mind? To give him a blowjob. While not a bad thing under most circumstances, they are still in the library, mind you. It soon becomes clear just how much Mai wants to have sex when she not-so-subtly suggests doing it right in the library. Gotta love those proactive girls.” – AfroThunda


PS – So much for an individual blog…

An adorable book from TakayaKi from an even more adorable show. To all of you who haven’t watched it yet, WATCH NAO! I mean seriously, the porn and the fap can wait. The show takes priority!

In this story, Tsuchida wakes up to find a slleping Yamamoto next to him and a note from Kusano Sensei saying “Here
s your chance! Go for it!” And then angel and devil Anzus show up and give him that final push. So yeah, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

The scans were kinda mediocre. Sure it’s x3000px 600 dpi giant scans but dem gutter shadows and cut off pages =(
I tried my best to make the pages acceptable. And I had to take intelligent guesses for some cut off text (2 of them were left out as I couldn’t decipher anything, hopefully nothing vitally important was missed).

On second thought I should have used the pages from the Korean version. But by the time I read the suggestion on the E-H gallery, it was too late. Thanks to WashOxide anyway.


Another 8p special, this time for Melon Books. Dude might as well start making Musunde Hiraite plushies.

Anyway more Anna-chan is always welcome. And the original design for Anna-chan was amazingly hawt!


PS: Enjoy giant x2800 scans!

Tora-no-ana really pampers the authors, eh? Here’s an exclusive 8-page special pamphlet which I assume was given out if you bought the tank from the Tora-no-ana outlets only.

Anyway, I honestly think that TakayaKi should move on to something new. I like Musunde Hiraite and all, but seriously this is pretty much getting to the Da Capo level (if you know what I mean).

That said, enjoy your MILF

PS: Surprisingly TakayaKi decided to reveal the family name in some obscure special booklet.